Scientists of the Future

Wow, how did it get to the middle of October already?  The time is flying by and the summer now seems like a distant memory!  But we had so much going on over the summer, I am determined to try and capture some of it here!

Scientists of the future

This summer, our lab was bursting at the seams with several keen students who were all doing research placements.  In fact, we hosted 6 students in the lab!

Gita, from the Czech Republic had an IAESTE placement. Paula, from Germany (and who is actually still with us until the end of October), is partially funded through Erasmus. Amy, from Edinburgh Napier, had an SfAM-funded Students into Work studentship, and Catherine (Heriot Watt) and Caroline (Strathclyde) both had Careerwise-funded placements.  Lucille, from IUT Dijon, France completed the line up!

Each student was involved in one of our ongoing research projects and we really enjoyed having them in the lab. We were fortunate that Equate Scotland, who organised the Careerwise scheme, sent a photographer along to capture Caroline & Catherine in action and here are some of the shots:

A full lab!
A full lab!

It was a real pleasure to have all of these young scientists in the lab, and I hope we have given them a flavour of what it’s like in an academic research environment in the UK.  They certainly helped us with our research and I look forward to seeing how they all progress in the future!

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